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What a year means.

SOoooo I haven't blogged in FOREVER. Sorry folks. I know our fans are out there falling over themselves to here the latest. #sarcasm Anywho. I just haven't gotten the camera out lately. Too busy I guess. I will make a point to this week. In the mean time. This picture is almost a year ago to date. Trippy was still at Eagle Ranch. Selah was pretty much still bald. And Phillip was even skinnier than he is now. Selah, of course, has made the most advancements in the last year. Hair being her most notable achievement. That and weaning. She nursed right through her second birthday (for which she was SUPER sick) and I cut her off the next week. She hasn't missed it since. Both Phillip and Selah have completely potty trained since this picture. Well, during the day at least. And Selah still has accidents once or twice a week. Phillip is the potty champion and he was the one I was worried about. He so loves school and anything Ms. Karen says is gold. He washes his hands and eats broccoli because she says to. Rocks my world.

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Let us be brief for there are monsters afoot in the kitchen.
We spent a few days at the beach again.  What fun!  We had two major bodily fluid/solid incidents with Selah we thought were related to her persistant constipation.  We were wrong.  A tummy bug followed us home.  So far Little Phillip is the only one to have escaped it and I'm still a little nervous every time he hollers my name at night.
Phillip did start school this morning without incident of any kind.  He had a great day, had a great time.  And was still asleep from nap time when I came to pick him up.  He did say the oatmeal they gave him for breakfast made him gag.  He did not, of course, say this with words, but gave a vivid demonstration.  He is VERY sensitive to food textures.  I'm just proud the kid tried it!
Trippy is having a rough go of things this week.  Keep him in your prayers.  Nothing really new, I think he's just between a rock and a hard place and is frustrated with the slowness of his progress. 
Sojourn Tours is picking up some.  Praise God!  We slowly filling in our financial gaps, and doing our best to trust along the way!
There you go.  I hear the water running out of the refridgerator.  Got to go.

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Mom Definitions Contest

Five of my best "momfinitions" I've acquired in the last few years. To participate in the contest go Here first and read this article.

Butt Covers: Anything that keeps a butt from being naked. i.e. diapers, swimsuit, underwear

My husband has an aversion to naked butt of any age, so it is frequently heard shouted across the room at a young streaker, "Go get some butt covers on!" A swimsuit is usually the butt cover of choice.

Napkin: Evidently, my current job description. i.e. "Phillip, I am not a napkin. Please do not wipe your (face, nose, hands) on me!"

Barnacles, Tarter Sauce, Barnacle Head: the only explicatives currently accepted in our home. Courtesy of Sponge Bob i.e. "Selah you may not have ice cream." "Tartar Sauce!"

Og ot peels won: Go to sleep now. In Jimmyease. "OG OT PEELS WON TRIPP!"

Dogdown: Ketchup. Catsup. Get it? Again in Jimmyease. "Jim, would you please get Selah some dogdown?"

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Day of History and Trains

We got to spend a great day in Kennesaw with Trippy. There is a great museum there filled with LOTS of Civil War relics and lots of TRAIN info. They have a fantastic kids' wing too, but I was really excited by how interested the little guys were in all the exhibits and not just the kid stuff.

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The Fourth

We always have a great time in the mountains on the Fourth of July and this year was no exception.  We had a late start Friday night because poor Jim worked a 13.5 hour day!  He got home and we shoved some food in his mouth and ran on to Blue Ridge.  We got there about 10:30, set up the kids' pallet, had a snack and hit the sack.  Our guys were up unusually early on Saturday and we were on the river by 11:30.  This was Selah's inaugural river ride and she had ZERO apprehension.  Phillip enjoyed himself too, although he took longer to relax and enjoy himself.  We got home, rinsed off, ate a HUGE meal, took a nap and then headed to the marina for fireworks.  Some nice strangers gave us watermelon to eat and someone else gave the kids glow bracelets.  Phillip passed the time by searching for the fireworks on Google maps.  Funny kid.  The show started suddenly, and the noise startled us all.  We were VERY close.  I was surprised because the kids did not freak out right away.  But about two minutes in they'd had enough and the tears began.  So I took them to seek shelter under the porch of a little cafe that was a little farther away from the BOOM BOOM.  That seemed to ease their concerns enough that we made it through the remainder of the show without having to walk all the way back to the car.  I considered that a minor victory.  Mom always had to sit in the car with me when I was little, so this was a little better.
We slept in on Sunday and lazed about.  (well, the kids lazed about.  I packed the car).  We went over to Mema's and Pepa's for some barbeque and to pick up our sweet Noel.  Thanks Mema and Pepa for doggy sitting!

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We are all a little frazzled here at the Hunt household.  Jim's enjoying the new job, but it comes with the added stress of training to learn something new in a short period of time.  We are glad to be back on day shift, but the schedule swap has proved somewhat more taxing than I had hoped.  We are better than we were.  My kiddos were sleeping from 2 a.m. to almost 2 p.m.  We have shifted to more of a 12 to 10 or 11 schedule with an afternoon nap.  I can live with this, but would like to get them moved up to a 10 pm bedtime for the rest of the summer.  I have an appointment to try and get Phillip into poor kid preschool next week.  I think he will really enjoy it and I think the forced schedule will be good for all of us.
Phillip gave up his pacifier on his own.  But that's probably adding to his crankiness. 
So, in case I say something ugly or shout or act like a less than graceful lady - please forgive me.  I am sleepy.  And my ears are tired of hearing my name.  Just pass me some chocolate and try again afterwards.

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VBS Finale

We had so much fun this week at Concord Baptist's VBS. The theme was "Boomerang Express". So you know that was a hit with our train junkies. You can probably tell from the pictures which of the two Hunt kids was more "in" to the signing and singing. :)

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Restaurant Review - Subway in the Kangaroo gas station

I get random cravings for Subway.  But I eat it mostly when I am desperate not to cook.  However, the other day I was having a bell pepper craving, so I rationalized a stop into the gas station to swing by the Subway inside.  I LOVE that they have pizza now.  For 3.50, both kids got half of a good size personal pizza with TONS o'cheese.  I opted for a veggie one and they loaded that sucker up!  I got Jim the deal of the day, which was a six inch sandwich with a drink and chips for 3.99.  I got a giant diet coke and we got out of there for just over 15 bucks.  A great deal for four people!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boomerang Express - VBS Day 1

We registered last minute for a night time Bible school at a nearby church.  I figured it was a good start to the summer that didn't require my night owls to get up early.  Phillip and Selah were both SUPER excited.  They wore there little backpacks and went bravely to their classes.  Selah's class stays in the classroom, but Phillip moves around to different centers.  Evidently he missed the "train" to a center and got left behind in the sanctuary.  He said, "Mom you and my teacher left me in the Jesus music place.  But then this boy came and talked to me and he took me to my teacher."  Oops.  He's never been to preschool, so I don't think he got the whole walking in a line thing.  :)
Selah went potty for her teacher.  Phillip just held his the whole time.  He wouldn't even go when I came to pick him up.  He said he wanted to wait until he got home so he could go in the frog potty.  He made it, but I was nervous!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chuck E Cheese and A Visit With Bubba.

We went down to see Trippy today.  We didn't go to Chuck E Cheese last time around because it was a weekend and was crazy crowded.  Today was PERFECT.  It was another rainy day, so it was really our only entertainment option other than the mall.  We had coupons that got us enough pizza (barely though) for everyone and TONS of tokens.  We played games for over two hours and were still cramming tokens in at the last minute to use them up.
Tripp looks great and sounds great.  We are so excited for his dramatic improvement.  No new meds involved.  He says he just thinks it's going outside more and being respected by the staff.  His last placement was pretty disrespectful to him and to us, so we are quite pleased that he's somewhere he can be his self and get the help he needs.  He seems to have matured a lot.  I am still nervous when I think about him coming home full time, but I am very excited to think about having him back with us too.  I was proud of us both today.  There were two incidents, one over cotton candy and one over a trip to Toys R Us that didn't happen.  In the past, either or both of the incidents could have easily turned ugly.  But Tripp did a great job handling his dissapointment and my frustrated fussing.  He got upset, but didn't say anything ugly, or do anything ugly.  By the time we were back to drop him off, everyone was in good spirits again. 
We almost got through the day accident free in regards to potty training.  Both little kids did great going potty every time we stopped.  When we stopped on the way home to grab a burger, I went first and should have let Phillip go first.  He didn't quite make it.  But I give him points for at least getting to the bathroom!  But none to shabby for two kids who were full time diaper wearers just a few weeks ago.  I won't even try night training for awhile.  They still drink water at bedtime and I can only handle one transition at a time.  One diaper a night per kid won't break the budget for awhile.  Next to go is the pacifier!  But not til we are TRULY pottty trained.  I am interested to see if I can get the kids in a VBS and see how they do with potty training with other adults.
Phillip conquered a major fear of his tonight.  As much as the kid loves trains, he is terrified of the horn.  Awhile back I got some ear warmers on clearance at wal mart.  He calls them his "earrings".  Tonight he donned his new gear and bravely exited the van to watch trains up close and personal with Daddy.  He did put his hands over the ear muffs, but let go to wave to the engineer.  He was VERY proud of himself!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

KFC Coupon

So we went to cash in our coupons for free KFC grilled chicken.  They wouldn't honor them.  They said I had to fill our a form and mail it in for a rain check.  Bummer man.  We ate at Ryan's instead.  Very average food, plus our neighbor was with us.  She just turned 13, so instead of 1.99 she was 8.00+.  I think there should be a student rate or something!

Monday, May 4, 2009


We are busy as usual. Potty training has been the focus of our energy the last week or so. Everyone is wearing underwear during the day. Accidents vary in frequency, depending largely on how busy they get playing. Sunday was our first day out and about in underwear. Phillip did great. Selah had one little accident. Today has been a struggle with Phillip. He's just "not that into it" sometimes. Selah got enough reward marbles to redeem for her "potty prize". She choose a stuffed elephant at Kroger.

Tripp's 13th birthday is Wednesday. Hard to believe. We'll go and visit with him Wednesday and probably again on Thursday if Jim can't get off work to go Wednesday.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Restaurant Review McDonalds

Duh right? I mean everyone with kids eats at Mickey D's! But, we normally eat at Chick Fil A when the weather is less than cooperative, as it has been as of late, because of its indoor playground. But tonight was a delightful warm evening and I needed to balance my checkbook. My pediatrician is actually a fan of McDonald's over Chick Fil A. All of Chick Fil A's menu items have MSG or autolyzed yeast. She feels this warrants significant concern when it comes to kiddos. My guys eat grilled cheese and fruit there, not sure of their MSG content. I guess I should look it up.
Anyways. Back to tonight. I took my neighboor, Sarah, with me to help with kiddie corraling. While there are two economical meals, the double cheese meal and the mc chicken mean, the rest cost 5 bucks plus for a combo meal. Phillip and Selah were both huuuuungrry tonight, so they got mighty kid meals instead of happy meals. Selah double cheese and Phillip six nuggets. They always get apples. Kudos to McDonald's for peeling their apples. A lot of places don't.
I wish there were more options for sides with the combo meals. Don't get me wrong, I like me some fries. But sometimes I wish I could get a burger with something a little healthier. I do eat their salads sometimes, and the bacon ranch salad is awesome!!!!
The service tonight at our Dawsonville location was impeccable and very polite. Five stars!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Blustery Day or Let's Go Fly a Kite

We decided today was the perfect day to try out the kites that the kids' Sunday school teacher had given them in anticipation of spring. Thanks Ms. Donna! We had a great time, but Selah soon tired of the kite flying and instead chose to dig in her favorite dirt pile. Frankie and Phillip had a grand ole time, both flying kites for the first time and loving it. Phillip does not have pants on. I was going to make him go back in the house and get dressed, and he was so excited to fly his kite he willingly complied, but when he was so sweet about it, I caved and let the diaper do.

A Blustery Day or Let's Go Fly a Kite

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