Friday, September 21, 2007

Selah wins the first broken bone award.

In all our years put together, Jimmy and I have never broken a bone, and neither have Tripp or Phillip. But poor little Selah took a dive out of the high chair (I unbuckled her and then turned to fuss at Tripp) and managed to break a bone in her foot. Sweet little thing that she is, she has yet to complain about the big pink cast on her leg. She only has to wear it for three weeks, and is thankfully not in any pain. I'll post a picture soon. It's so funny looking!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Future Farmers of America

I just wanted to post a few pictures of my guys. Phillip is an outdoorsman at heart. Heedless of the barrage of blood thirsty mosquitoes he chose to use his "shoble", or shovel as it's better known, to dig in his Meme's yard. (She said it was okay.) Selah spent her time having her piggies sniffed by her daddy on the front porch. Aren't you glad fall is here???

Monday, September 10, 2007


So today I went to Wally World to spend money we don't have to get stuff we can't do without. I begin my two hour journey by fending off faintness and hunger at the instore McDonalds. Phillip eats only french fries and a chocolate chip cookie. I refill my Diet Coke only to have him dump it all over him, me, the seat and the floor. Selah rode in style in the back pack. She falls asleep. Half way into my trip I discovered I forgot to put in nursing pads and I have two dinner plate size milk stains in conspicuous locations on my shirt. To make matters worse, Phillip decides to expand his artistic horizons by coloring on my shirt with his markers instead of his paper. I think that they should offer child care in Wal*Mart. I would pay for it.

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