Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What a year means.

SOoooo I haven't blogged in FOREVER. Sorry folks. I know our fans are out there falling over themselves to here the latest. #sarcasm Anywho. I just haven't gotten the camera out lately. Too busy I guess. I will make a point to this week. In the mean time. This picture is almost a year ago to date. Trippy was still at Eagle Ranch. Selah was pretty much still bald. And Phillip was even skinnier than he is now. Selah, of course, has made the most advancements in the last year. Hair being her most notable achievement. That and weaning. She nursed right through her second birthday (for which she was SUPER sick) and I cut her off the next week. She hasn't missed it since. Both Phillip and Selah have completely potty trained since this picture. Well, during the day at least. And Selah still has accidents once or twice a week. Phillip is the potty champion and he was the one I was worried about. He so loves school and anything Ms. Karen says is gold. He washes his hands and eats broccoli because she says to. Rocks my world.

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