Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chuck E Cheese and A Visit With Bubba.

We went down to see Trippy today.  We didn't go to Chuck E Cheese last time around because it was a weekend and was crazy crowded.  Today was PERFECT.  It was another rainy day, so it was really our only entertainment option other than the mall.  We had coupons that got us enough pizza (barely though) for everyone and TONS of tokens.  We played games for over two hours and were still cramming tokens in at the last minute to use them up.
Tripp looks great and sounds great.  We are so excited for his dramatic improvement.  No new meds involved.  He says he just thinks it's going outside more and being respected by the staff.  His last placement was pretty disrespectful to him and to us, so we are quite pleased that he's somewhere he can be his self and get the help he needs.  He seems to have matured a lot.  I am still nervous when I think about him coming home full time, but I am very excited to think about having him back with us too.  I was proud of us both today.  There were two incidents, one over cotton candy and one over a trip to Toys R Us that didn't happen.  In the past, either or both of the incidents could have easily turned ugly.  But Tripp did a great job handling his dissapointment and my frustrated fussing.  He got upset, but didn't say anything ugly, or do anything ugly.  By the time we were back to drop him off, everyone was in good spirits again. 
We almost got through the day accident free in regards to potty training.  Both little kids did great going potty every time we stopped.  When we stopped on the way home to grab a burger, I went first and should have let Phillip go first.  He didn't quite make it.  But I give him points for at least getting to the bathroom!  But none to shabby for two kids who were full time diaper wearers just a few weeks ago.  I won't even try night training for awhile.  They still drink water at bedtime and I can only handle one transition at a time.  One diaper a night per kid won't break the budget for awhile.  Next to go is the pacifier!  But not til we are TRULY pottty trained.  I am interested to see if I can get the kids in a VBS and see how they do with potty training with other adults.
Phillip conquered a major fear of his tonight.  As much as the kid loves trains, he is terrified of the horn.  Awhile back I got some ear warmers on clearance at wal mart.  He calls them his "earrings".  Tonight he donned his new gear and bravely exited the van to watch trains up close and personal with Daddy.  He did put his hands over the ear muffs, but let go to wave to the engineer.  He was VERY proud of himself!


Kelly's Ideas said...

sounds like a wonderful day! You could not pay me enough to go to Chuck E Cheese on the weekends but the week I think I could handle..


L-Mo said...

I'm so glad the new place is working better for Tripp. Awesome.
Josiah is the same way about the horn, especially when it's really close. He sobs and sobs and when the engine has passed, he's fine and loves the choo-choo.

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