Monday, August 10, 2009


Let us be brief for there are monsters afoot in the kitchen.
We spent a few days at the beach again.  What fun!  We had two major bodily fluid/solid incidents with Selah we thought were related to her persistant constipation.  We were wrong.  A tummy bug followed us home.  So far Little Phillip is the only one to have escaped it and I'm still a little nervous every time he hollers my name at night.
Phillip did start school this morning without incident of any kind.  He had a great day, had a great time.  And was still asleep from nap time when I came to pick him up.  He did say the oatmeal they gave him for breakfast made him gag.  He did not, of course, say this with words, but gave a vivid demonstration.  He is VERY sensitive to food textures.  I'm just proud the kid tried it!
Trippy is having a rough go of things this week.  Keep him in your prayers.  Nothing really new, I think he's just between a rock and a hard place and is frustrated with the slowness of his progress. 
Sojourn Tours is picking up some.  Praise God!  We slowly filling in our financial gaps, and doing our best to trust along the way!
There you go.  I hear the water running out of the refridgerator.  Got to go.

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