Monday, December 29, 2008

Ellijay Christmas

The little kids and I went to Meme's and Grandmother's while Jim went to sleep. He had to work again Christmas night. We were able to pick Tripp up from school and have a belated Christmas celebration with him and Jutt's family over at Mema's house on Saturday. We really had a good time!

Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas morning. Jim had to work Christmas Eve, so he came home and woke us up to see what Santa had brought!!!
Phillip and Selah were very slow and thoughtful about the presents. They opened, examined and studied each gift one at a time. As a result it was a long process! We really missed having Tripp home, and halfway through the morning Phillip looked up and asked where Tripp's presents were. Melt my heart. Santa, of course, had left Tripp's stocking full and gifts stacked so little Phillip was not to worry.
I've learned that Selah has unfortunatly inherited my chocolate issue. She ate EVERY piece of chocolate she could get her hands on - many without us even knowing about it. And she kept asking for more!
We made sure to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and talked again about what Christmas morning meant. We've been reading a book almost every night about the real meaning of Christmas. We also decided to have a birthday cake on Christmas morning from now on.

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