Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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Proud of her first steps. And yes that is a bobbie in her mouth. I haven't completely succeeded in winning her over yet though. Those are my jammies from when I was a little one.

Selah LOVES holiday snowglobes and knows how to press the button.... over... and over... and over.....

Phillip and PawPaw discussing life out on the porch.
Poor sick baby fell asleep under the tree.

Long time, no post.

So it's been forever since I last posted. I'll fill you in on the whys. We traveled to North Carolina to spend a few days with Paw Paw Jim in his cabin on the French Broad River. Gorgeous. Lots of space, lots of rocks to throw in the river (Phillip's favorite), a horse to feed, and a Polaris Ranger to ride. But after four nights or so of sleeping in a queen bed with Phillip AND Selah, Mommy and Daddy were wearing a little thin. To top it off - Phillip added extra excitement by staying up crying all night Christmas Eve with a 104+ temperature. Of course this was the first time I had gone anywhere without my "mommy kit" so I didn't have anything to give him. Somewhere around 5 a.m. against the advice of the nurse line, and the emts we called out, we crushed up half an adult advil and gave it to him. This helped and he was in much better spirits. No sleep meant we weren't fit to drive til much later on in the Christmas day - which meant no Christmas with my family. Somewhere around Blairsville, Phillip's fever spiked again and we discovered that there is NOTHING open for gas, bathrooms, food, or baby tylenol except one CVS that we finally, blessedly saw coming on the horizon. But we made it to Mema and Pepa's. Phillip was in okay spirits and we enjoyed our time with them. The day after Christmas we went up to Blue Ridge to spend the night with Gigi and Paw Paw. Are you tired yet? :) The hit of the day was Phillip's 1948 Indian motorcycle ride on. He has yet to allow us to take it outside. He only rides it in the house. I don't think he wants it to get dirty.
Before the Christmas holidays, we found out that Jim's store would be closing and that we would be out of a job for the second time in as many years. Go housing market go. So once again we are resting in the arms of God's plan for us. We're using the time together as wisely as possible and getting a lot of chores done while Jim is at home. We are both searching for work as best we can. Meanwhile, I think Jim is gaining a little better perspective on what it is I "do all day". :) Be praying for us.
By the way - Selah Audrie Anniston is walking! She is super proud of herself and giggles and laughs everytime.
Phillip is talking up a storm! He repeats everything to the point where we're really watching ourselves. He got a doctor kit at Christmas and he spends a lot of time using it to "fix" things. He is also obsessed with carrying money around. Go figure.
Tripp got some really cool stuff for Christmas and is spending his time figuring out how to ride/use all his new gadgets. His new obsessions include growing out his hair, combing his hair, flipping his head so it makes his hair move, and looking like a cool skateboarder.
Pictures to follow.

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