Monday, August 27, 2007

Hunt Update


Late night bath at Meme and Papa's

Ater a long day in the mountains - Selah's all smiles... Mommy is tired.

Phillip in the front yard

Phillip at the park.

Sorry we haven't posted in awhile. Blogger has been sort of silly. Well. Selah isn't crawling, but she's close. She's mobile in her own roly poly way though - and putting everything in her mouth. Phillip is learning LOTS of new words. He knows twinkle twinkle little start - except it sounds like gackle de light (twinkle in the sky). He also got to go on his first tube ride down the Toccoa river. A family tradition continues!
Tripp is enjoying middle school. He recently had a shocking experience when we took Phillip tubing. We blindly chose a cow pasture to enter the river, calmly tromping over barbed wire fence. Tripp had the misfortune of discovering it was no ordinary barbed wire when he grabbed it and got the shock of his life. Shouldn't they have to label electric fences? This one was all the way in the water of the river! Anyone could get to it!
Sojourn Tours putts along. We are working on Jim's business plan in hopes of securing financing to go full time. I agreed to be a sales rep for a local advertising company. I think I've lost my mind.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Laura Leigh and Selah

Laura Leigh and Selah
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Heeeeeeeeeyyyy L2 -- are you ready for this????

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rucker Family Reunion

Once a year Ruckers come from miles around to eat. A lot. But we also catch up with distant kin folk, update our geneology and have a good time visiting with one another. Here's a few pics of our folks from this year.

This is what happens when Phillip doesn't get his way.

Most of the clan - Phillip and Abigail were too excited about Thomas the Tank Engine to look up and Austin is hiding behind his daddy's head.

Look how blue and blonde baby Ava is. Can you believe she'll be one year old this month?!

My guys in the morning. I just like the picture.

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