Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mom Definitions Contest

Five of my best "momfinitions" I've acquired in the last few years. To participate in the contest go Here first and read this article.

Butt Covers: Anything that keeps a butt from being naked. i.e. diapers, swimsuit, underwear

My husband has an aversion to naked butt of any age, so it is frequently heard shouted across the room at a young streaker, "Go get some butt covers on!" A swimsuit is usually the butt cover of choice.

Napkin: Evidently, my current job description. i.e. "Phillip, I am not a napkin. Please do not wipe your (face, nose, hands) on me!"

Barnacles, Tarter Sauce, Barnacle Head: the only explicatives currently accepted in our home. Courtesy of Sponge Bob i.e. "Selah you may not have ice cream." "Tartar Sauce!"

Og ot peels won: Go to sleep now. In Jimmyease. "OG OT PEELS WON TRIPP!"

Dogdown: Ketchup. Catsup. Get it? Again in Jimmyease. "Jim, would you please get Selah some dogdown?"

1 comment:

CourtneyC said...

The "tarter sauce" saying is hilarious!!!

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