Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boomerang Express - VBS Day 1

We registered last minute for a night time Bible school at a nearby church.  I figured it was a good start to the summer that didn't require my night owls to get up early.  Phillip and Selah were both SUPER excited.  They wore there little backpacks and went bravely to their classes.  Selah's class stays in the classroom, but Phillip moves around to different centers.  Evidently he missed the "train" to a center and got left behind in the sanctuary.  He said, "Mom you and my teacher left me in the Jesus music place.  But then this boy came and talked to me and he took me to my teacher."  Oops.  He's never been to preschool, so I don't think he got the whole walking in a line thing.  :)
Selah went potty for her teacher.  Phillip just held his the whole time.  He wouldn't even go when I came to pick him up.  He said he wanted to wait until he got home so he could go in the frog potty.  He made it, but I was nervous!


L-Mo said...

They're getting so big!

Gramma& Grampa DeVault said...

your blog is darling

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