Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tripp Update

So we've had some encouraging news today.
Today was SO exhausting. My beautiful parents showed up at 9 this morning to pick up the rug rats (who had been up since FOUR FORTY FIVE). Then Jim and I drove to Stone Mountain to pick up Tripp from the group home. We went early enough to take him out for lunch for his birthday that we missed last Tuesday. Then on to Eagle Ranch where we met with the head counselor and the counselor from the home in which Tripp would be placed should he be accepted. We learned at the end of the session that we are officially a "candidate family" for one of two slots available in June. There are four such families, so we have a fifty fifty shot. Our next step is an interview with the house parents, at which time they evaluate the compatibility of Tripp with them, the other students and the overall feel of their particular home. They will prayerfully choose the two "best fits".
Please be in prayer for this process. We really feel that we have been so drawn to Eagle Ranch for a reason. We feel that this long drawn out process has been very much about God and his perfect timing.
We love you all.

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