Monday, May 5, 2008

Sweet Abigail turned 4!

You probably can't tell by looking at it - but this is the tantrum Selah threw when I refused to take her in the next room and nurse her while Abigail was opening her gifts.

Austin hand crafted Abigail's birthday crown - and her mommy made her beautiful cake!

The icing was tasty.

Austin and the boys practiced baseball in the backyard. They practiced so hard that they broke a window on the back of the house!

Sweet cousins!

Abigail (notice pink cowboy boots) consented to riding around with little Phillip. He's actually a good driver... considering his age and training...

Hey Granddaddy. I love you.

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L-Mo said...

I cannot believe how old Abigail and Austin have gotten! And Selah's starting to get some hair.

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