Monday, March 17, 2008

This is what happens when Daddy is left without Supervision.....

So Jimmy took the little kids to WalMart so I could get some Sojourn Tours stuff done. I get a call that they've had a "mishap". Apparently, Jim felt that traffic was having to wait on him too long, so in order to expedite his parking lot crossing he set about to "ride" the buggy. One push off. Great. Second push. Disaster. Jim falls and rolls. Phillip is unrestrained in the basket and rolls safely out. Poor Sissy is strapped in the seat of the buggy and literally nosedives into the asphalt. She didn't even have her hands out in front of her! A quick check by the doc found her to be none the worse for the wear, but won't she look pretty for Easter pictures??!!

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L-Mo said...

Poor Selah! Praise God nothing worse happened - He does give us so many moments of grace with our kids. Why does Selah always end up on the hurting end?

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