Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big Boy Bed

It's official. After numerous attempts ending in either our bed, or in the crib, Phillip spent a successful night in his new big boy bed. Granted, it felt rather early when those little feet padded into our room at 7 a.m., but I'd say it definitely counted as "all night" in his bed. He is also snoring on the floor beside me. Evidently 7 a.m. was a little too early for him to make it all morning without a power nap. :)
NOTE: Phillip came to us and asked for his "big gun" to get the "spooky man". Go figure.


Stephanie Claxton said...

These are quite possibly the cutest pictures of all time. LOVE the gun in the bed. LOVE the footie PJs. ;)

The Popes said...

only in dawsonville do you put your kids to bed with their own guns!! Love it! I'm sure you'll be loving it more as he sleeps later.

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