Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Florida Trip and Goodbye Aunt Pete.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PIC OF ALL TIME!^ Jim likes this one below

Our first trip out on PawPaw Jim's boat! I promise they're safer than they look! (Mom, Daddy Page look away - look away!)

Notice I am still holding onto Sissy.
My summertime crew!

Selah was a water lover from the get go!

That water was cold too!

Out at PawPaw's river house at sunset.


Those crazy Hunts.

Daddy and the kids on PawPaw's boat.

Our trip to Florida was a great success. Our scheduled departure was delayed by the passing of our Beloved Aunt Pete. Margaret Oleeta Bramlett Raiford died at age 82. We celebrated her life and her reunion with the Lord Jesus Christ. The funeral in Ellijay was Friday. Jimmy sang with his cousin Jennifer.

Following Aunt Pete's celebration we literally jumped in the car and started driving. Jimmy's sister Alicia is moving to Utah and her going away party was Saturday night. We knew in order to make it in time, we'd have to really push ourselves. God was with us, and even though we were a little ragged and weary, we made it to our hotel in Cocoa by 3 in the morning. Unfortunately our kids thought that this was morning. Much to the chagrin of our complaining neighbors they enjoyed playtime until 6 a.m. when we all finally caught an early morning nap.

Alicia, Lars, and Kaleb's going away party was a good time for all. PawPaw has lots to do out at the river house. Golf carts, alligators, dogs, cousins, airboats, and even a jumpy castle. It was a long, fun night.

The next few days we spent time with family, rode on PawPaw's boat, spotted dolphins, and even squeezed in an hour at the beach. We woke up at 4 a.m. and made it home in record time. Glad to be home!


Sherry said...

Hey sweet girl,

Cannot tell you how much I enjoy seeing your pics and hearing about your precious family. I just grin and grin as I read each time. You bless my day with sharing your family with me and many others. Tell you mom and dad we STILL miss them in SS and that I send my love.


PS--Momma Page and I will find baby life jackets if needed--J/K!!

The Popes said...

Love the pictures!! looks like you all had a blast, glad you could have a fun weekend! Love, Erin

L-Mo said...

Yeah, the comment on the boat picture cracked me. I saw the picture first and thought "Is that boat moving? Do they have life jackets?" I am officially my father's child. Luckily I married a daredevil to even it out :)
I love the one of Selah and Jim too. So precious!

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