Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mom Lessons - Lesson 1

Sometimes there will be messes that you cannot fathom how to begin cleaning up.
Cases in point:
A very hot, very pregnant, very July in Georgia day teaching children's services at campmeeting. I arrive late, reach in to unstrap my almost 8 month old and lift him out of his seat. A loud, resounding splat greets my ears. There is poop all the way up to his neck. There is poop all the way to his knees. There is so much poop in the seat I cannot set him back down. There is a great pile of poop on the ground. I literally stand there, holding my son a foot out in front of me, mouth agape, totally flummoxed as how to even begin to decontaminate my baby and his surroundings.

Baby powder. Everywhere. Frequently. And one time it was calamine lotion. Everywhere. Oh, and neither comes up well with a carpet cleaner. But you should still invest in a carpet cleaner because they do a great job with juices, poop, and other bodily fluids.

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