Saturday, February 20, 2010

Train of thought

Jimmy is a MUCH better house keeper than me. I'm not sure how that makes me feel as a wife/mother.
Even though he's better at it - I MISS MISS MISS the control and experience of doing it and having a hand in everything.
As long as we have toilet paper and food (including some junk) I can handle anything.
Phillip has a serious connection between his blood sugar and his mood. He MELTS into a whiny mess when he gets hungry - well before he even gets hungry really. I have to consciously feed him every few hours.
Selah is still happy go lucky most of the time. A few more tantrums have cropped up since the big 3, but most of the time she just says, "okay Mommy" and moves on.
My dog has been the subject of an animal control complaint. The only thing I can think of is she makes other people's dogs bark. She probably poops somewhere since she won't poop in our yard. She used to steal dog toys, but hasn't in a long time. She lives on her chain now. I hate it as much as she does.
I am ready to feel spring in my bones. I feel ninety years old with the cold weather. I hate to be cold. I cannot wait to get out of the shower and leisurely dry off without my teeth chattering.

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