Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long Time No Post

I know, it's been forever. We've just been really busy. Plus we've been eating at the same "family friendly" staples so we haven't had much to review. Also been trying to eat at home a little bit more. Our current staples are homemade pizza and grilled cheese with hotdog in the middle made in the waffle iron. I know. Staggeringly healthy.
Trippy is at a new school. We got him moved and settled in this week. The weather has been a little less crazy and little warmer so we are less stir crazy. Today we planted some cypress trees in the back yard.
We spend a lot of our time focused on trains. Jim and Phillip are serious train junkies. Selah and I just act enthusiastic. We are looking forward to trying to plan a trip to the Folkston Funnel in south Georgia. They have a covered pavillion with bathrooms, ceiling fans, grills, and picnic tables next to the track where all trains funnel in and out of Georgia and Florida. Traffic and be as much as 40 - 60 trains a day! It's halfway to Cocoa too, so one day we'll get some vacation time together and that will be our stop halfway point.

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