Friday, February 27, 2009

Restaurant Review - Chick Fil A

Okay, so I know this is an easy one. But we did just eat there the other day.
Chick Fil A is my go to restaurant. Especially when I want to have a conversation, read a book, or get some work done. 99% of them have indoor play grounds. I find this to be the greatest invention on earth. But to be specific I'll stick to reviewing the Dawsonville restaurant. Mom's - keep this in mind when you're headed to North Georgia Premium Outlets. It's across the street, but worth it for happy monkeys!

My kids love "Chickilway". The funny thing is they won't eat the chicken there. Go figure. But our lovely Chick Fil A will make grilled cheese sandwiches. I found this out one day standing in line and I heard another mom order one. Glory hallelujah. So, I always order my guys kid's meals with grilled cheese and fruit. Phillip eats only the mandarin oranges and Selah eats the strawberries. They both chew up the apples and spit them out. I don't know why. Maybe because they still have peel on them. This particular restaurant makes their grilled cheese using two bottom bun pieces turned inside out. It works really well. Some restaurants use the wheat berry bread. Most places will let you request either. But if your kids doesn't eat wheat bread, ask first!

Jim has a county employee discount card, so he orders a value size combo and gets a free chicken sandwich. I just order an extra drink for me and I eat the free sandwich. I have never EVER been to Chick Fil A and not enjoyed the food. There are things on the menu that I like better than others, but no matter what's ordered, it's done well.

Some other fast food places in town charge you for packets of sauce. Not here. Super friendly. Super clean. Most weekdays at lunch they have a hostess who helps busy moms get seated, brings a high chair, offers table toppers, and fetches refills. Diaper deck in the bathroom. Hands free bathroom too! Lots of hand sanitizer available. This is especially convenient post-playground.


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L-Mo said...

Amen to Chick-fil-A! Best kids place around.

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