Saturday, February 28, 2009

Restaurant Review - Applebee's

Tonight my parents came to take me out for my birthday. Since Jim was working, it gave me the opportunity to get out with some extra hands. I picked Applebee's because it isn't somewhere we venture often with the kiddos. I was a little nervous. Phillip had a brief less-than-an-hour nap, and Selah was a napless wonder.

Saturday night at 6 p.m. made me a little nervous too. We did have to wait, but only for a few minutes. The waiting area wasn't crowded and we were able to sit while we waited.

They sat us in their biggest booth. Big points! We were able to sandwich the kiddos in between us big folks so they couldn't escape, but they had room to wiggle and move around.

The kid's menu was decent. They have cheap kid drinks. This is important for me because my kids refuse to drink water. I absolutely hate paying two bucks a head for sodas. Our waiter came around to get our drink order and brought it out right away. Selah ordered mini-cheeseburgers. A bonus to their kid's menu: you can order one or two of the mini-burgers. Perfect if you have a smaller toddler and don't want to pay for two. Selah, of course, ate two. Phillip insisted on grilled cheese. They did not have one on the menu, but the waiter assured us they could make one. Phillip ordered apple sauce instead of fries. Veggies were also a side option. Yay for them.

Our food took awhile. But we had no major meltdowns while waiting. It was very busy and bustling so I didn't worry about my kids making too much noise. All the adults had great food. Selah downed her meal with her usual finesse. Phillip's grilled cheese came out on marble bread and was made with cheddar. Now, this did not pose a problem tonight, but I'll admit I was a little nervous when I first saw his sandwich. Keep this in mind if you have picky eaters. Phillip downed the applesauce and picked at the sandwich. I'll take the applesauce as a win. It's a step up over the simple starches and cheese he normally lives on.

So overall, I'd give this one close to five stars for eating out with kids. It isn't the cheapest place in the world, but you can count on getting your money's worth, good service and a minimal wait.

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