Friday, January 30, 2009

Erin MC Heimler's Baby Shower

All babies need butt covers. We are laughing because, while there was no card, I was quite proud of myself for having found the time to wrap the gift. So what if Mom got me the bag.... and the tissue. It was wrapped!

Laura Leigh never ceases to learn and grow and she's added knitting adorable baby hats to her repertoire!

Laura Leigh is demonstrating the proper way to hide your hooters.

I just like this L2 pic!

Kimmie is giving Erin a little maternal sugar. We are all her "girls". Pretty soon she'll have grandkids of her own..... Ah! Who can believe Katie and Meggie are old enough for that kind of talk!
Here's wishing Erin and baby Heimler and a happy and safe delivery!


L-Mo said...

Love, love, love the pics. Post them on Facebook!
Such a fun day. I'm well practiced at hiding my hooters.
And I'm not kidding - knitting those hats is easy. I am not crafty.
I thought the gift was beautifully wrapped.

Flynt Family said...

Hi! When we took Sara Kate to the hospital I just took things that would keep her busy since she couldn't snack (that's usually what keeps her busy while we wait). I brought puzzles, new coloring books, paper dolls, & books. I also took her stroller, she seems comfortable in it and it was almost like a security blanket for her. I wasn't prepared for how irritable she was after waking up from the surgery. She was like a different child! Be prepared for that. I hope it goes well!

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