Thursday, November 20, 2008


A lot has been going on around the Hunt house lately - not that we aren't accustomed to such. Of course, little Phillip's bday was the big event for awhile. He has given up milk in a bottle completely. I know, I know, he was supposed to be off the bottle two years ago. I was just too chicken to take his milk away though. His appetite has jumped through the roof, only to highlight a new problem. Ridiculously large tonsils. We had a consulation with the ENT and really liked the practice. As frustrating as it is, they are super cautious and will only take tonsils out for well documented sleep apnea or other problems. So we will be doing a sleep study with Phillip in the future. I can't even imagine how they do a sleep study with a three year old, but they say they do them all the time at Scottish Rite.
Phillip also had his first dental check up with rave reviews. They said it was cool to give his bobby (pacifier) another year before we go cold turkey without it. Enter sigh of mommy relief. I would not want to do tonsilectemy without a bobby! Potty training is a no go. We are shooting to train both Phillip and Selah together this spring.
Speaking of Selah and speaking of speaking! She is a chatterbox. She learns are repeats and converses more and more every day. She simply blows me away. Even with shots last week, a nagging winter cold, and a bully of a brother her shiny little smile still permeates the day. We are still waiting for her hair to catch up with the rest of her accomplishments. It is still so baby fine that she wakes up every morning looking like she stuck her finger in a light socket. Her hair makes a perfect puffy blond sphere. :)
Tripp has had a rough few weeks. But on a high note, he got to spend some quality time with his mom, Yasemin. He's going to be attending Lighthouse in Augusta,Ga., for the next few months. Their program is designed to help him deal with his "stuff" and get him home and back in Dawson Middle School ASAP. Please be praying for him, especially as this means he will probably be alone for the holidays.
Jim and I have been doing our best to get Sojourn Tours' limousine up and running. It has taken a tremendous amount of paperwork, phone work, and just plain red tape. But it looks as though all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed and we should be legal and on the road next month!
By the way, we have Christmas lights on our house. We probably won't even get a tree up, but we decided that lights were a necessity. And they are early. We didn't know how our schedules would work the next few weeks so we just went ahead and did it last weekend. They put a smile on my face whenever I turn down our street and see our little gingerbread house!

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