Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Girls Rock!

You know who you are!

*Now that I have time - let me splain.
Last Friday Steph Flage, Melanie and Lisa took Erin and me on as their personal cause. They volunteered to be our child care solution. We met at Steph's dropped off FOUR very hyper children (three of whom are NOT potty trained). They swam and played and bathed and when Erin and I returned we found four jammied kiddos quietly watching a movie. As soon as we got home they went wild again. What is it about kids being crazy for their moms and great for other people? Mine fell asleep on the way home. Yay!
Thanks guys. We got to eat in peace, talk in peace, shop in peace. Whoo hoo.

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L-Mo said...

I don't know who rocks, but I love your new header! You go girl!

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