Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Phillip's 2nd Birthday Party

Sunday was Phillip's second birthday party. We just can't believe our baby boy is two years old! We had a great time eating Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake and riding bikes in the cul de sac. Thanks so much to everyone who came and to those who showered Phillip with gifts. What a lucky little boy he is! He and Selah both have enjoyed all the new things to play with and explore. Phillip had his first major "motorcycle" accident last night. He ran past the adults guarding the cul de sac and took off down the hill on his big wheel. A major rollover followed, complete with a kiss to the asphalt and road rash. Boys will be boys!


L-Mo said...

Happy Birthday, Phillip! I can't believe he's two already. Time flies. He looks so cute with his little bandana.

carrieanne229 said...

It's hard to tell without the hat, but he was a conductor. As in trains. It's kind of confusing with the hot wheels helmet and the four wheeler. He sort of looks like a bank robber. :)

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